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Amazing Talents International stands as a creative, talent-centric company, consistently pushing the boundaries to uplift the potential of Singapore's young artists. By simultaneously bringing in the world's premier talents, they aim to inspire and set new benchmarks in the realm of performing arts.


Amazing Talents International (ATI) takes pride in its ownership of Singapore Performing Arts Academy, a school for budding artistes. 

Understanding the importance of global exposure, ATI curates International performing arts experiences for the young and talented ensuring they are well-versed with global standards. 


Amazing Talents International pioneers unique intellectual properties within the performing arts sphere. They’ve given rise to vibrant performing groups, namely JazzKids and BroadwayKids. On the events front, ATI is gearing up for the International Kids Performing Festival in 2024, underlining their commitment to elevating young talent. In their ongoing efforts to spotlight emerging artists, the Singapore Performing Arts Junior Championship is set to launch in November 2023, whilst Singapore Performing Arts Championship will follow in alternate years ensuring that artists at various stages of their journey have platforms to shine. 


Adding another feather to its cap, ATI was chosen as the program director for the inaugural Sentosa’s Jazz by the Cove 2023, accentuating its expertise in diverse music genres.

With a vast portfolio of accomplishments, Amazing Talents International is undeniably a powerhouse in the performing arts sector, constantly striving to elevate the standards and showcase the best of talent.

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